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Sara is the proud & passionate founder of Pilates Hub Weybridge. She began practicing Pilates from the age of 16 when she attended professional dance school & when she decided to "hang up her dancing shoes" she wanted to continue her career doing something she loved...and that was Pilates!


In 2015, Sara relocated to live and work in Dubai and it was here where she furthered her knowledge and skills in the competitive Pilates industry. Training both private clients alongside group classes,  Sara is a fully qualified Advanced STOTT Pilates instructor specializing in all equipment, injured and special populations, pre & post-natal & Barre.


Sara is extremely passionate about Pilates and excited to bring her skills back to the UK and to Pilates Hub Weybridge. Having seen first hand how it can change people’s lives for the better, not just physically but also mentally. Sara believes everyone in the world should be practicing Pilates; children, adults, men, women & the elderly…it brings nothing but goodness into your life

Sara - Studio Owner

Olivia -Pilates Instructor

Olivia’s love of danced started at the age of 3. She then went on to perform professionally in the opening cast of Billy Elliot the Musical at the age of 13. She then transferred in tothe fitness industry, teaching group fitness at the age of 18. “I always really loved to dance but I’m so happy I do the job I do now; I absolutely love it and give my all to every class or client I teach. It gives me so much joy to see people doing something that really helps them -whether it be improving their health and physique, or rehabilitation after an injury.


I love that I can keep learning new things all the time; that’s why I think Pilates is so fantastic! I believe everybody should experience it as it’s just such an intelligent way to exercise, learning about how the body works and experiencing interesting and functional movements. Teaching Pilates classes on the mat or the reformer gives me such huge job satisfaction! I truly believe you will walk out of class feeling stronger, more flexible, with better posture and switched on in every single muscle in your body! It’s an amazing method to learn and to teach and is constantly evolving.  

As Dance was such a big part of her life, she is very passionate and creative and likes to share that creativity in her classes, working hard to make every class different and interesting, thinking of new choreography all the time. No two classes are ever the same with Olivia. She loves to challenge clients and help them experience what therebody is actually capable of achieving! 


Hannah -Pilates Instructor

Hannah started practicing Reformer Pilates in 2016 after suffering from back pain in her early 20s. She was immediately hooked and this practice led her to start yoga too. A combination of both disciplines completely took the back pain away, and for the first time in Hannah’s life she had found a form of exercise she enjoyed … since then she has never looked back!

Hannah originally trained as Yoga Teacher in 2018, but after feeling as though the discipline lacked a focus on core strength, Hannah then trained with STOTT Pilates in 2022 as a Mat Pilates instructor and then a Reformer Pilates instructor.

She is passionate about the mind-body connection, the power of breath when used with movement, and using Pilates as a tool to prevent injury and complement busy lifestyles.


Emily - Pilates Instructor

Emily originally trained as a dancer at Central School of Ballet in London. She went on to perform with various different ballet companies including English National Ballet. Then she moved across to the world of musical theatre, and appeared in musicals such as Cats and Chicago for many years. 

Throughout her dance career Emily felt benefits of a regular Pilates practice, whether it was rehab after an injury or simply keeping strong and in shape, so training as a Pilates instructor was a very natural transition. She trained and qualified with STOTT Pilates in Mat and Reformer, she now has over ten years’ experience in teaching both private and group sessions.


She likes to make sure that her clients always leave feeling well worked, always challenged in a safe, efficient way. Emily is delighted to be part of the Pilates Hub Weybridge Team.

Amy- Receptionist

After having spent 15+ years as a nanny and working with children since leaving college, Amy decided to pursue a career change after having two children of her own. 

Having always being interested in Pilates, joining PHW was the perfect role to allow her to pursue a healthy home & work life balance. 

Outside of Pilates Amy enjoys socialising with family & friends, dancing and going to the fact Amy is Sara's older sister!


Charlie is a Barre and STOTT Pilates Mat and Reformer instructor based in South London. Charlie’s love of Pilates began back when she started taking classes to compliment her dance training. Seeing how much it helped her recover from what were once recurring injuries, as well as helping her overall strength and mobility, she knew that alongside her performing work she wanted to train as an instructor and help provide those benefits to others, and now feels extremely lucky to be a part of her clients’ journeys.

In her Barre classes, Charlie uses her dance experience alongside her Pilates and Progressing Ballet Technique instructor training to create fun, challenging and unique sessions that definitely make you feel the burn in a low impact, high energy way. She loves being able to reinforce Pilates principles in a class that encourages freedom of movement, freedom of expression and a good sweat! Expect 10/10 playlists and 10/10 tremors of truth!


Charlie places a lot of importance on her Pilates and Barre classes being positive and supportive, so whether you are a total beginner or fitness pro, you will always be encouraged every step of the way. She knows how hard it is to take time for yourself, so she always aims to ensure you leave class feeling recharged both mentally and physically, and with a deeper love for Pilates and Barre!

Charlie-  Barre & Pilates Instructor

Ant - Pilates Instructor

Ant has been in the fitness industry since 2009, and in that time, has come across many forms of exercise.

Pilates has always stood out to him because of the freedom of movement it creates, whilst working to proper form, without compromise. Ant particularly loves the Reformer, it's ability to support and to be challenging, depending on the personal goal or injury being worked through. 

Ant has worked with a variety of health conditions and injuries over the years which have helped develop his understanding of the human body and how it can move. 

Movement is a big part of Ant's life and he wishes to share his passion with everyone at PHW! 


Anna was brought up in Cheshire.

She studied Film & Media studies at university. After graduating she worked for ITV, the BBC, launched UKTV and scheduled BBC News. Live TV was rather challenging at times! 
Anna then moved into B2B Marketing.

After taking a career break to raise her 2 boys she decided it was time to find a work and home balance. PHW offered just that.

She enjoys the calming and friendly atmosphere here at the studio which the clients always seem to bring with them too. If they don’t feel positive when they arrive, they certainly do once they leave!

Outside of PHW Anna has a keen interested in film & documentaries and also socialising with family and friends.

Oh and if you bump into her and she doesn’t smile and say hello, she isn’t having a bad day, she is an identical twin! 

Anna - Receptionist

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