Sara is a professional dancer turned Personal Trainer & Pilates instructor with 9 years of experience and is the passionate founder of Pilates Hub Weybridge. She began her fitness career between contracts performing on cruise ships around the world.


In 2015, Sara relocated to live and work in Dubai and it was here where she furthered her knowledge and skills in the competitive Pilates industry. Training both private clients alongside group classes,  Sara is a fully qualified Advanced STOTT Pilates instructor specializing in all equipment, injured and special populations, pre & post-natal & Barre. Sara also runs luxurious Pilates Hub Retreats at some of the most tranquil and exotic locations around the world and is the proud Sweaty Ambassador for the Weybridge store.


Sara is extremely passionate about Pilates and excited to bring her skills back to the UK and to Pilates Hub Weybridge. Having seen first hand how it can change people’s lives for the better, not just physically but also mentally. Sara believes everyone in the world should be practicing Pilates; children, adults, men, women & the elderly…it brings nothing but goodness into your life.

Sara - Studio Owner

Holly is a fully qualified Pilates instructor with 9 years experience, having started her training at the tender age of 16. Holly is affectionately nicknamed the smiling assassin. She works you hard, focusing on all main muscles, guiding you to get the technique right.


She’s no sergeant major, but she pushes you to work hard, and gives lots of encouragement and applause when you’re achieving. Holly is a proud ambassador of Sweaty Betty and we are over the moon that she will be joining our team at Pilates Hub Weybridge.

Olivia -Pilates Instructor

Olivia’s love of danced started at the age of 3. She then went on to perform professionally in the opening cast of Billy Elliot the Musical at the age of 13. She then transferred in tothe fitness industry, teaching group fitness at the age of 18. “I always really loved to dance but I’m so happy I do the job I do now; I absolutely love it and give my all to every class or client I teach. It gives me so much joy to see people doing something that really helps them -whether it be improving their health and physique, or rehabilitation after an injury.


I love that I can keep learning new things all the time; that’s why I think Pilates is so fantastic! I believe everybody should experience it as it’s just such an intelligent way to exercise, learning about how the body works and experiencing interesting and functional movements. Teaching Pilates classes on the mat or the reformer gives me such huge job satisfaction! I truly believe you will walk out of class feeling stronger, more flexible, with better posture and switched on in every single muscle in your body! It’s an amazing method to learn and to teach and is constantly evolving.  

As Dance was such a big part of her life, she is very passionate and creative and likes to share that creativity in her classes, working hard to make every class different and interesting, thinking of new choreography all the time. No two classes are ever the same with Olivia. She loves to challenge clients and help them experience what therebody is actually capable of achieving! 

Holly -Pilates  Instructor

Another smiley face you will see as you walk through our studio doors. 

Kelly started her career working for Cathay Pacific Airways for 4 and a half years. After this she has been in all front facing, customer service roles working at establishments such as Wentworth and Beaverbrook at Managerial levels. 

After having her first baby in 2019 she decided she needed to find a work and home life balance and she feels PHW has given her just that. 

Kelly is passionate about Customer Service and our client experience so if you have questions or feedback during your visit to Pilates Hub Weybridge, please speak to Kelly and she will do her upmost to help you.

Kelly - Receptionist

Sophia -Pilates Instructor

Sophia started her journey into fitness from a young age beginning with a decade of ballet training leading onto 4 years of competing as a synchronised swimmer for Great Britain, to then studying dance at college and now having nearly 10 years of teaching experience. Sophia always knew fitness would be a part of her life forever and loves keeping her clients on their toes in her Barre class, literally!

Fitness for Sophia has always been a priority and has led her to truly find her passion for working with people and helping them achieve their goals through encouraging commitment and focus in their training whilst having lots of fun along the way.


Her belief is, balance is key to the happiness of your body and mind, and these words have served her well as a mantra through her life.

Emily - Pilates Instructor

Emily originally trained as a dancer at Central School of Ballet in London. She went on to perform with various different ballet companies including English National Ballet. Then she moved across to the world of musical theatre, and appeared in musicals such as Cats and Chicago for many years. 

Throughout her dance career Emily felt benefits of a regular Pilates practice, whether it was rehab after an injury or simply keeping strong and in shape, so training as a Pilates instructor was a very natural transition. She trained and qualified with STOTT Pilates in Mat and Reformer, she now has over ten years’ experience in teaching both private and group sessions.


She likes to make sure that her clients always leave feeling well worked, always challenged in a safe, efficient way. Emily is delighted to be part of the Pilates Hub Weybridge Team.

Tash -Yoga Instructor

Natasha’s fitness instructor journey began in 1993 when she completed her exercise to music course after a love of dance and aerobics become a career choice. Since then becoming a Mother to three children has not stopped her from continuing to educate and develop her teaching skills qualifying most recently as a Zumba instructor in 2010, Yoga instructor in 2011, BarreConcept in 2014 and Yoga Mama 2019 followed by Pilates in 2019 and is currently completing a Body Control Pilates conversion course.


She enjoys making her classes flow, choregraphing them to challenge her clients. Her enthusiasm to help her class members achieve their fitness and wellbeing goals whilst having fun when working out is paramount to her class ethos.


When she isn’t working Tasha loves to spend time with her family and friends. 

Paula is a qualified 250hr Adult Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance as well as a certified Children’s yoga and mindfulness teacher. She studied Physiotherapy in South Africa before moving to the UK where she practised as a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist for 15 years.


Paula has a passion got health and well-being and after experiencing the transformational benefits of yoga in her own life – physically, mentally and spiritually, she decided to train as a yoga instructor and teach within her community.


Paula’s classes are a dynamic fusion of hatha and vinyasa yoga that aim to make you feel stronger on the inside and out. With the main emphasis on the ease of breath and movement, there is no need to worry about “not being flexible enough to do yoga”. For Paula Yoga is a place where mind and body meet and she cannot wait to share this with you.

Paula -  Yoga Instructor

Vick - Pilates Instructor

Victoria trained as a Pilates instructor after running her first marathon and realising how well the years of Pilates before had prepared her. “The focus on alignment and muscle balance in Pilates really helps you to stay injury free when you’re putting in the miles between classes”. She now specialises in working with runners, sharing her knowledge of running biomechanics and her passion for Pilates to work with them on form, posture, strength and flexibility. Her passion for movement however isn’t limited to runners.


“The more I lean about our bodies and how we move, the more im fascinated by how clever we are at adapting – I love to explain in class why we’re doing a particular movement a particular way and what we’re trying to train our bodies to do without thinking. It’s so satisfying when a client feedback they’ve suddenly noticed a change – from getting up off the floor more easily, to being able to touch their toes!”

She loves to offer feedback encouragement and plenty of tips in class to make sure you get the most out of each exercise – ensuring you leave feeling ‘everything’s been put back in its right place!’