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Mat Pilates:

This class is perfect to those who are new to Pilates and aren't quite ready for the Reformer yet. Here you will learn the principles of Pilates and really understand how to activate your core resulting in improved movement and posture. Each class is tailored to improve your posture, core strength, flexibility, muscle tone/contouring and body awareness. This is done by focusing on core stability, including pelvic and shoulder girdle stabilization, neutral alignment and patterned breathing. Pilates mat classes aid in restoring the natural curves of the spine, relieving tension and enhancing self-confidence.  

Mat Classes

This is a fun and exciting class which will also offer elements of flexibility and strength, adding numerous forms of small equipment to deepen the challenge further and lengthen muscles you never knew you had!   

Barre Classes


This class will certainly get your hips shaking and that booty burning. Think Ballet meets Pilates but with less classical music and leotards. Each class is set to upbeat music and focusses on functional movements. Our unique formula combines strength training, cardio, and stretching to rapidly transform your body. Using weightsand your own body weight as resistance, you will create lean sculpted muscle, rev up your metabolic rate, and feel a sense of accomplishment after each rep. Another great way to get the heart pumping and the muscles toning! 

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Group Classes

Mat Package

Reformer Classes

Reformer Fundamentals:

Taking your Pilates to the next level, Reformer Fundamentals brings something a little different to your practice. This specialized machine helps you improve coordination and develop control and balance. The Reformer Fundamentals class will introduce you to the pulleys and springs of this unique piece of equipment, and how to make it your best friend in developing your strength and endurance. The added resistance is renowned for toning the body like no other.   

Cardio Reformer:

This is where the fun really kicks in! By attaching a trampoline to the end of your Reformer,  we get jumping and add another element of fun! This class will challenge your endurance with a cardio workout that will get your muscles into shape. Expect a wide range of moves, kicks and jumps that will bring your breathing and tone into shape. It’s such a great way to work your cardiovascular system but in a safe yet effective way. This class is designed for those who want to sweat but need low impact on their joints.   

Reformer Challenge:

This class is programmed to get those muscles burning and your brows sweating! We recommend you take at least 3 Reformer Fundamentals classes before exploring our Challenge classes, as this class will allow you to build on a basic knowledge of the Reformer. Your instructor will guide you through structured resistance exercises that isolate specific parts of your body to build strength, tone, and flexibility.   

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Pre & Post


During pregnancy and after giving birth, there is special attention needed to certain areas of the body. Learning the principles of centering, concentration, control, precision, breath, and flow will help you during your pregnancy, the birth of your baby and your postnatal resurgence. The practice of Pilates during your pregnancy is a safe, yet effective way to exercise and with the help and guidance from our qualified instructors you'll be in good hands. Once you have reached your 2nd trimester we recommend that you only attend our Reformer Fundamentals, Mat Pilates or Barre classes. Please do remind the instructor of your pregnancy or if you've given birth in the past year at the beginning of each class. 

For post-natal clients, we suggest joining back in slowly to classes 6 weeks post-partum for vaginal deliveries or 12 weeks for C-section & WITH the consent of your doctor/midwife. All post-natal clients will be checked for diastasis recti (abdominal separation after given birth) by one of our qualified instructors if requested. We completely understand that this time can be very daunting and emotional so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.   

Reformer Package

reformer prices


If you are looking for a more personal session with one of our trainers then we offer private and semi-private classes.  During any of these sessions, you will get a detailed postural and movement analysis and a personalized program to meet your needs and requirements. In subsequent sessions, your instructor will take you through this program of tailor-made exercises, so as such we recommend that you book at least a 5 package of1-1’s to get the most out of these private sessions. A private Pilates class can be tailored to focus on specific medical conditions such as back pain, or an injury and can provide a more thorough understanding of the Pilates exercise form.

Private Sessions

Private Session Prices

Duet- Private Session Prices

Classes & Prices - T&Cs


Class Expiry- from date of purchase

1 session - 1 month / 5 sessions - 2months / 10 sessions - 4months


Door Policy

Out of courtesy to your trainer and fellow participants, we ask that you arrive 5 minutes before your class begins. Anyone who arrives 10 minutes after the class has started will not be permitted entrance to the class, as this could lead to injury due to improper warm up. You will still be charged for the class.  


Cancelation Policy

If you need to cancel your session, please do so 24 hours for private classes or 12 hours for group classes. For anything less than this, you unfortunately will still be charged. 


Refund Policy

Pilates Hub Weybridge do not offer any full or partial refunds on private or group class packages. In extreme circumstances such as physical or mental inability to continue with the sessions, refunds may be allowed if a doctors note is provided and alongside the managers approval. 

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